-About Us-

MDP Ventures Phil Inc. started from a concept of an e-commerce system where the company aims to be one of the leading direct selling companies in the country, through online and offline marketing.

Started on October 2016 by a group of Individuals, primarily through the three main contributors, namely:
Mr. Lowel Magdadaro, Mr. Mark Roan Dela Cruz, and Mr. Arwin Panaligan. The group has been engaged on direct selling and multilevel marketing for many years. The idea of building up a unique system combination of a Social Media Advertising and Customer Support Team which resembles a call center set up, a style which will adopt to the fast faced commerce and e-commerce system, it started from a small group served as a pilot project that eventually grown to a number of employees and continuously growing and innovating.

Online and Offline marketing, we use the Internet as the main marketing tool and supports it with traditional sales tools which includes face to face selling. The company has its marketing team, logistics team, and accounting team which became the strength of this pioneer online shopping industry. The company aims to provide quality products targeting the necessities of individuals according to their age and needs. The company envisions that it will expand throughout the country and dominate every city by its unique marketing approach.


Our mission is to provide a unique E-commerce business platform which can be operated at ease by any aspiring Entrepreneur. Aiming to provide products and services that target the needs of every Filipino people. A unique, friendly business approach that can be operated even at the comfort your homes.


To be the leading direct selling E-commerce company in the Philippines, conquering every city by the strength of our unique marketing approach.


  • Chairman of LSM Group of Companies,
    Chairman of MDP Group of Companies

  • Has over 10 years of experiences as a business man, a micro finance expert, well known in the multi-level marketing industry, an online marketing expert.


  • Chief Executive Officer of MDP Ventures Phil Inc.

  • He leads operations & finance department. Know for being a hands-on leader and has a serious but jolly character. One of the Board of Directors of the company, he has over 5 years of experiences on direct selling and network marketing. Mr. Dela Cruz is also an online marketing expert.


  • Vice President for Business Development

  • He is a graduate of Business Administration major in Marketing Management, has experiences on direct selling and network marketing, he is known for his simple looks and is very approachable.


  • Chief Finance Officer

  • Mr. Edwin is a Certified Public Accountant with 10 years of experiences on Accounting. He also has business and direct selling background for years, aside from those, he is also practicing accounting professor of a University in Luzon.